Canyons by Camel

We start at 08:00 and drive for an hour before meeting up with the camels and riding for half an hour to the beginning of the White Canyon. There we will leave the camels and walk through the canyon with a guide to end up in Ain Khudra Oasis for lunch. You will ride again for 45 minutes to see the Rocks of Inscriptions before heading back to Ain Khudra Oasis for dinner and to spend the night under the stars (Bedouin style). The next day you will ride the camels through Wadi Rom for an hour to see the Closed Canyon. We will go through the Closed Canyon with a guide for 30 minutes until we reach the end. Then another 30 minutes walking back to the camels and one more hour to see Naqp el Hamidat. We return by camel to Wadi Ghazala where we take the car back to Dahab.

Including: experienced guide, food, Bedouin accommodation and transportation.

We can organise this tour any day for a minimum of 2 persons. Please book this trip at least one day in advance.

Price: 115 euro per person by camel.

Price: 100 euro per person hiking.


Contact us for more information or bookings
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