Adventure and Advanced courses

Adventure and Advanced courses

Adventure Dives


For the time-challenged. If you are an Open Water Diver, but don’t have time to complete the whole Advanced Open Water course, you can still train towards it by completing some of the 5 dives (and knowledge reviews) required. The remaining dives and study can be completed later, in any location.

DEPTH:  max 30 metres
TAKES:   half a day for each dive
COSTS:   €40 per dive



Advanced Open Water course

The aim of this course is to improve your navigation skills underwater and to prepare you for diving at greater depths up to 30m and night diving. This course consists of 5 dives, with more emphasis on hands-on approach by which you learn to control your buoyancy as if it were second nature as well as simply improving your style and specific techniques.

DEPTH max 30 metres
TAKES:   2 days (5 dives and 5 knowledge reviews)
COSTS:   €200

Course prices include full equipment, tanks, certification and transport.

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