Open Water course

Open Water course

Open Water Diver

If you really enjoy being part of the underwater world and wish to expand your diving skills, this course is for you. Your certification is internationally recognised, and you will be able to dive anywhere in the world. The course consists of theory based lessons and practical underwater execises that will develop the relevant knowledge and skills required for you to become a competent diver, all under the supervision of a PADI Instructor. Dahab is an excellent location to begin your dive training due to its outstanding coral reefs, marine life, great visibility and sea conditions. Don’t hesitate! Go for it! It’s an experience of a lifetime.

DEPTH:  max 18 metres
TAKES:   3-4 days 
COSTS:   €250

 Open Water Referral

 If your time on holiday is going to be limited, plan ahead! Locate your local PADI dive shop, do some of the theory and exercises in your own country before you come – then come to Dahab and complete your Open Water Course with us. 

DEPTH:  max 18 metres
TAKES:   2 days 
COSTS:   €150

 Course prices include full equipment, tanks, certification and transport.

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