In Dahab

Dive spots In Dahab:

Eel Garden  
Yes, a garden of eels – a population of hundreds of Red Sea Garden Eels to be exact. They burrow into the white sandy slope, swaying half their bodies in the water to look like living plant stalks. Approach too close or too quickly and the garden disappears as the eels retreat into their holes. Ascending towards the entrance area you will see pretty coral gardens with their populations of resident fish including grey morays hiding in their crevices. Eel Garden is just on the northern edge of Dahab so is popular for day and night dives.

The most frequently visited site in all of Dahab due to the positioning and the fact that it is a great site for beginners as well as more experienced divers. Entry point is from the beach on to an easy sandy slope. The western route has a sandy bottom with many hard coral towers while the Classic route winds in and out of the towers and reaches a depth of 30 metres. Photographers may get the opportunity to take a good shot of an octopus or a puffer fish.

The Islands
A really fun site with lots of swim throughs and spectacular coral reef. Once entering through a narrow coral channel you pass through a series of sandy bottom hard coral pools, then you reach some really beautiful swim throughs at a depth of about 7 to 10 meters; maximum depth is about 22m. You get to hang out with a schol of resident juvenile barracuda, follow lion fish along the coral ond spot the occasional large puffer fish. It is truly a great dive so make sure you check it out.

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