North of Dahab

Dive spots North of Dahab:

Ras Abu Galum 
A protected area situated 8km north of the Blue Hole, suitable for both snorkelling and scuba. One of the attractions of this site is the journey to get there, either by camel or foot along the rugged coastline or by 4×4 through rocky Sinai mountains – all of which take approximately 1.5 hours. The sites here have fantastic underwater landscapes of hard and soft corals and plentiful fish that include snapper, butterfly fish, angelfish and glass fish.

El Bells 
A spectacular dive situated just north of the famous Blue Hole. The descent is vertical through an ancient volcanic fissure with a cavity that widens and narrows giving it the shape of bells. The chimney opens and closes giving tempting glimpses of the big blue beyond, eventually opening out at 30m from a sheer rock wall. The clarity and colour of the water are always exhilarating. From here you lazily drift south along the rock face ascending gradually to exit at the Blue Hole enjoying the numerous flora and fauna throughout the dive.

The Blue Hole

A short 4×4 journey north of Dahab, this is one of the most recognised dive sites in the Red Sea, famous for its beauty but infamous for the number of fatalities it has claimed, as divers have attempted to swim the exit at 50+ metres. You need not be concerned; we will guide you competently within safe parameters. Situated directly on land’s edge, the Blue Hole is suitable for both snorkelling and scuba with 150m diameter descending 110m. You might hear a parrot fish crunching his coral lunch or watch schools of masked puffer fish glide by like underwater zeppelins.

The Canyon
Located only 1.5km south of the Blue Hole, Canyon has a simple beach access with only a few meters of reef before you are there. The site itself opens in a north south direction on a reef slope that descends to 54m. Entry is made through its largest point where you descend 28m to the canyon floor to look upwards to watch other divers cruising silhouetted against pristine blue sea- a great photo opportunty! Turning northwards you ascend 10m to reach a small cave at about 17m where you exit into the big blue.

Ras Abu Helal   
This site is situated 3km south of Canyon. Descending to a sandy bed between 7 and 12m, keep the reef on your left side and explore the beautiful coral garden. The western wall of the promontory drops to a depth of 30m. It is best to stick to the coral garden until you reach another sandy seabed where the exit point is.

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