South of Dahab

Dive spots South of Dahab

Moray Garden (near Three Pools)
If you want to have a really great dive and check out some big beautiful morays, then this dive is for you. It is situated next to the Happy Life Village, directly opposite the Bedouin restaurant Wadi Qnai where you can relax after the dive. The route for this dive allows you to visit another one called Golden Blocks. Swimming down a sandy bottom slope and over a sea grass bed on the right to a depth of 16 to 20m you reach several pinnacles which swarm with some beautiful marine life. 

The Caves 
The last site on the southern coast of El-Qura bay. The entry point is in front of a Bedouin restaurant in a gap in the reef. Descend down a mild slope to a depth of 3m and 2 caves appear. The cave to the right really makes this dive worthwhile with a really nice display of soft corals, black corals and sponges.

Gabr El Bint (Grave of the Girl)
This site is absolutely stunning. Being part of the protected area of Nabq the site has not been affected by tourism. It is situated 7.5km south of the caves and is accessible on foot, by camel or boat from Dahab. With the impressive surrounding mountains and the pretty much intact coral reef the site is truly one to experience. The boat ride takes approximately 1 hour

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