Serabit el Khadim

 Serabit el Khadeem tour

We start at 08:00 and drive for three hours to Wadi Feiran. This is the oldest oasis the Sinai, where Moses struck his staff on the ground to provide water for the Israelites. From here we will drive to El Magara, where the ancient Egyptians used to cut turquoise. Here we will climb and look at the caves with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Then we will drive for one hour to Wadi Mekatab, where you will see old inscriptions written by the Nabateans. We will have lunch here. We will then continue to Serabit el Khadim where we will have dinner and spend the night under the stars or in one of the Bedouin camps. The next day we will climb for about two hours to see the Hathor Temple. We will then climb down to have lunch at one of the Bedouin house and drive for about one hour to Gebl el Fuga (Forest of Pillars) where we will see the pillar-shaped vulcanic rocks. We then continue to driving for about 3 hours to return to Dahab around 7 in the evening.

Including: experienced guide, food, Bedouin accommodation and transportation

Price:  140 euro per person

These trips can be organised any day for a minimum of 4 people. Please book at least one day in advance. Please check with us to see if we have any other people booking.

Please contact us for details of longer safari trips.


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