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The Spot in Dahab

Dahab is very special as it offers four spots in one: the “lagoon” is a protected bay with a shallow water area and small choppy waves. A top spot for intermediates and freestyle freaks, and an ideal practice spot for beginners and experts alike.

Leaving the protected lagoon, you will reach the “Speedy”: a perfect shallow water area for advanced windsurfers. The wind blows constantly and is a bit stronger than inside the lagoon. A little further upwind you will arrive at the infamous “Baby Bay” area where flat water blasting, freestyle and an accessable beach for a rest present an attractive option. A Rest & Rescue Island offers you the possibility to take a break or call for help if necessary in Speedy.

The third spot is behind the Napoleon Reef and suitable for wave freaks. The swell is up to four metres high (no breaking wave) and comes from a perfect direction, thus creating fantastic jumping conditions. VHF waterproof Radios can be provided on request at either of our centre’s enhancing safety links back to the beach.

Dahab offers some of the most perfect conditions for children to learn and improve their windsurfing. Flat water and lighter winds in the early morning and later in the afternoon makes it easy for them to practice. The combination of great conditions, special equipment and experienced friendly instructors ensures both fun and success. The groups are very small so we can ensure safety, and a fun lesson where participants can get the feeling of this amazing sport.

On our web site, you will find the base prices for the accomodation, which generally also include transfer from the airport to the hotel and back again and tour and host service. So you can simply book the flight from your own country and we will organize transfer and accomodation for you.

You can either book the full package through us or select individual components such as accomodation or only baord rental and courses.

Board reservation
Beside accomodation and transfer we will also reserve a board of your choice from the current range for the duration of your stay. Depending on availability, you will also be able to use all other boards in our center. All surf ,kite courses and Unlimited programs can also be booked in advance. Please send us your travel details (date, duration, destin-ation, number of persons who will travel) and you receive an offer from us.

Surfboard transport
If you plan to take your own equipment with you, you must inform the airline company in advance. It is not always possible to do so. The charge ranges from E50 to E150, depending on the airline company and destination. As transport and storage costs will also have to be paid at your destination, it may not be worth taking your own equipment with you but cheaper to rent it on site. We urgently recommend taking out luggage insurance if you are taking your equipment with you.

Travel insurance
Whenever you book a trip you should always buy trip
cancellation insurance, which covers all cancellation fees, if you or one of your close relatives falls ill before you leave for your holiday. You have to buy your insurance when you make your booking, or within seven days at the latest. The insurance gives you 100% cancellation-fee coverage as soon as you will have to stay in hospital for at least 24 hours (otherwise they ask for 20% co-payment).
The insurance premium is between E17 and E55, depending on the total cost of the trip.
You can purchase insurance coverage for hired equipment when you hire what you need at the center.
Low-cost insurance packages covering trip cancellation, health, emergency and baggage insurance are frequently also available.

We offer you the maximum action program and professional instruction in all areas and conditions on the water – be it windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfboarding, alone or with an instructor, in Egypt.

Here you will find everything worth knowing about your preferred sport, and, if you are still a complete novice in this area, you can be sure of discovering a deep and lasting passion for water sports, a passion we have all been seized with. For us, it is a way of life.

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