Learn and Improve your Windsurfing

Learn and Improve your Windsurfing

Dahab is the perfect spot for the Unlimited Instruction Programme.

Most participants take 2 units a day (1 unit = 1.5 hours). Generally, we do not plan the week in advance, as we have to arrange course times according to the wind.

The schedule for the following day’s Unlimited Instruction Programme is drawn up on the evening before, depending on wind forecasts and guest requests.

Apart from the Unlimited Instruction Programme, we also offer packages for all skill levels (3 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and 10 hours).

Beginners Windsurfing Courses are held either at 9am or at around 3 or 4pm as the wind strength drops somewhat then. Most instruction takes place in the lagoon near the video towers.

Frequently held windsurfing courses:
Jibe courses are held every week. After a theory session with the simulator on the beach, the instructor videos participants from the platform/video towers and provides feedback after the lesson. Freestyle, Water start, harness sailing and footstrap sailing are other popular instruction courses. This does not mean, however, that beginner courses are forgotten, as Dahab is an excellent spot for becoming acquainted with windsurfing.

Languages and Team:
Courses are held by an international team of qualified windsurf instructors. They take place in English, Russian, French and Arabic.

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